SUN625 66x125 Rotary Die Cutter

SUN Automation Group's® SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter is yet another example of SUN Automation’s innovative capabilities to take corrugated printing and die cutting to a new frontier of machine architecture. This unique product concept began to come alive in 2009 when SUN Automation listened to customers requesting a machine for the future capable of delivering exceptional productivity with the highest level of container quality. Today the SUN625 is running in multiple market segments: from high-throughput volume driven applications to the high-graphics container and display segments.

The SUN625 RDC is not a typical rotary die cutter. It is a fixed-frame, vertically opening platform, which allows for the operator to step inside the machine for quick order changes. It is a flexo printing machine capable of feeding, printing, creasing and die cutting a 125-inch (317,5 cm) wide corrugated sheet, and it is designed to produce consistent high quality containers in a 24/7 production environment.

It fits the footprint of conventional opening machines, interfacing with existing pre-feeders and stackers with minimal modification, and operates 15% faster (12,000 pieces per hour). It delivers clean, crisp line and screen printing as well as dense, uniform solids. And with the MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy Control System consistent die cutting for multiple-out and multiple-up orders are possible.

The SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter utilizes proprietary, proven systems, specially formatted to maximize printing and die-cut production in four ways:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Higher container quality (printing, creasing, and cutting).
  • Compact simple architecture.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

The machine features several of SUN Automation’s technology products that have become the global industry standard for performance and quality, such as the patented Extend-O-Feed Lead Edge Feeding system, ColorMaster single blade or AccuPrint chambered ink systems, SunTrac®  vacuum transfer, SunSet® computer control system, and MicroGrind® die cut accuracy control system.

SUN Automation is the only manufacturer offering a machine with this unique fixed-frame, low board-line, vertical-opening design.

  • The SUN625 has a fixed-frame, low board-line, vertical opening machine built with SUN technology.
  • Two dwell units are standard features. One is located between the feed section and first print section. Another is between the last print section and die cut section. Together they ensure outstanding print quality on even the most challenging jobs.
  • Intuitive touch screen controls are easy to use and allow fast, precise adjustments.
  • Unique machine architecture improves sheet control and ink-metering, allowing precise die positioning and built-in drying time.
  • The MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy Control System improves box dimension consistency, scoring quality, and scrap management. The full-width tungsten carbide grinding roll smooth’s the anvil’s surface every 10,000 cuts and automatically adjusts the anvil direct-drive motor speed for automated compensation. All of this is done without interrupting production and without operator engagement.
  • Safety features, such as the integrated feed guard, are designed into the machine, providing exceptional operator safety throughout the machine.
  • Delivers more production volume, with superior container quality, than two traditional-opening 66 x 115” RDC machines.
  • As a low board line, fixed-frame machine, the 625 easily adapts to existing facilities, and often to existing auxiliary equipment, while occupying relatively the same footprint as conventional-opening machines.
  • Plants will profit from the machine’s wide format 66 x 125” sheets, high speed of 28,000 m2/h, order change time of 10-12 minutes, consistent quality, uptime, ease of use, and durability.
  • Designed to run everything from fragile single flutes with high recycled fiber to rigid multi-flute mediums, small sheets to large sheets, simple print orders to complex print orders, and single piece to multi-out patterns.
  • Flexible enough to print multi-out, six-color, tight registration jobs.
  • Smooth and precise anvil control from Sun’s patented MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy System, and enables converting into the most challenging die cut orders in record time.
  • Designed and built to withstand the demands of a three-shift, 24/7 high production plant, while keeping maintenance costs low.
SUN625 Catalog

General Specifications

Maximum press speed200 sheets / minute (12,000 sph)
Minimum sheet15.5” X 21.75” (394mm X 552mm)
Maximum sheet60.5” x 125” (1537 mm X 3175 mm)
Maximum board caliper.563” (14.3 mm)
Maximum print 125” (3175 mm)
Maximum die cut 125” (3175 mm)


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