Digital Harmonic Register 


SUN Automation’s Digital Harmonic Registers replaces the old style registers including the main gear and journal. 

The harmonic register is controlled by a servomotor that adjusts the register and can set the register position repeatable to .001". This with no backlash or lost motion. The extreme adjustment accuracy allows the operator to get the job in the register with one test sheet.

  • Set up time is only about 1 minute regardless if it is the initial set up or a reset after plate cleaning. Sun’s harmonic register uses one sheet at the set-up compared with other registers that use five sheets in both instances. This means more sheets to process.
  • The harmonic register requires minimal cleaning
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced waste from unregistered boxes
  • The harmonic drive is a precise; virtually zero backlash reducer that maintains this characteristic throughout its life without the need for regular maintenance. - There is no lost motion between the gear train and the print cylinder. This "slop" is a significant source of register variation.
  • The holding torque of the servo acts as the brake for the system, not a mechanical disc. A harmonic drive based register package should provide 10+ years of uninterrupted service.
  • Effective control of all registers from one operator station
  • Reduce frequent maintenance with this engineering technology that ensures long life with no need for periodic adjustment. The servo motor life expectancy is greater than 80 years. Periodic tightening of the registers is not needed.
  • Extreme Register Accuracy - the position can be set for consistent .001" repeatability.
  • The combination of the accuracy of the servo motor and the precision of the harmonic drive provide.
  • Registration positioning that is highly repeatable. This system uses a touch-screen to make adjustments down to 0.001 increments. These fine adjustments can be made while running. When machine is opened to clean plates a return to previous position feature gets the machine back in registration in a matter of seconds.


Digital Harmonic Registers are engineered to be compatible with many OEM machine manufacturers and models.

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