PrintPrep Unit

SUN’s PrintPrep® unit is an in-line sheet cleaner that can be adapted to existing finishing equipment. The unit effectively cleans sheets by utilizing a de-ionizing static bar to neutralize the electrical charge that binds the dust particles to the liner and a rotating non-static brush to sweep them away. PrintPrep is equipped with SunTrac® to ensure accurate sheet transfer.

As a result, machine downtime for print plate cleaning is dramatically reduced because dust is not transferred from the substrate to the printing plates. An optional magnetic system is available to remove metallic particles found on substrates, which is more common today with auto sharpening slitter knives.

Print quality is improved by avoiding degraded printing caused by dust build-up on the printing plates and productivity is greatly increased by reducing the number of times the press must be stopped and opened to clean the plates. The pre-prep unit corrects the “print short” problem on most machines; the image printed by the first print unit is often shorter than it should be. Printprep eliminates that.

It is also possible to avoid anilox roll damage with the optional magnetic bar, as PrintPrep removes metal particles from the board that come from the sharpening mechanisms on thin blade corrugator slitters.

PrintPrep is engineered to be compatible with many OEM machine manufacturers and models.

  • Cleans sheets
  • In-line Sheet Cleaner
  • Improve print quality
  • Significantly reduce the need for plate cleaning
  • No hickeys
  • Solves the “print short” problem
  • SunTrac technology assures accurate sheet transfer.
  • Static bar neutralizes electrical charge between dust particles and liner.
  • Anti-static rotating brush.
  • Automatic brush cleaner.
  • Dust collection
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