The ColorMaster single blade system is an affordable upgrade for roll-to-roll flexo metering or flexo units struggling with obsolete chambered systems.

It includes the inking body, support beam and mounting brackets to mate with the anilox roll pivot assembly. ColorMaster also utilizes a tool-less blade change and provides precise loading and ink-metering across the face of the anilox roll. Options include an electronically controlled pump system, wash-up system and PLC control with operator interface.

Since 1992, SUN Automation has supplied over 1500 ink systems to corrugated printers. Since the introduction of the ColorMaster in China during 2010, it has become the number one system requested on new equipment. SUN presently has eight original equipment manufacturer (OEM) producing machines with ColorMaster integrated into their equipment.

ColorMaster ensures that only the ink in the cells of the anilox roll is transferred to the plate. This gives complete control of ink application. Printing solids is reliable, as well as line and screen work.

The ColorMaster system includes a chemically impervious ink body that is supported across its length by a strong structural beam and loaded against the anilox roll by a continuous air bladder. This ensures uniform contact of the metering blade to the roll.

The optional electronically speed controlled pump ensures that the system is always filled to the optimum level. SUN can replace the inking system on most manufactures machines in the plant. By standardizing your ink systems throughout the converting plant, it allows you to reduce training, maintenance and spare parts.

  • A budget sensitive alternative to the roll-to-roll system, providing excellent ink metering without the high maintenance costs.
  • Tool-less blade changes.
  • Non-corrosive metering bar.
  • Integrated pump and control system optimizes performance.
  • Simplistic design and quick wash-up.
  • Versatility in graphic capability.
  • Availability for virtually all machines.
  • Operator interface blends into existing controls.
  • An economic solution to wipe roll issues.
  • Excellent printing.
  • Compatible with existing pumping systems.
  • Efficient ink usage. Ink is fed into the center of the bar at the top. The ink then flows to the ends of the bar and into the pan. The ink is then returned from the pan to the bucket.
  • Adaptability to almost all machines. Minis (60” wide (152 cm)) to Jumbos (220” wide (560 cm)), top or bottom print.
  • Compatibility with existing components on machine. Even measuring is optional on repeat machines.
  • Doctor bar with rigid non-corrosive ink contact area.
  • Tool-less blade changing.
  • No end seals.
  • Stainless steel ink return pan with mounting rails and ink screens.
  • Full width air bladder for uniform blade loading.
  •  Custom extruded aluminum support frame.
  •  Rugged UHMW doctor blades.
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