AccuPrint® – Dual Chambered Ink System

SUN Automation's AccuPrint® Chambered Doctor Blade System is a newly developed flexo ink-metering system that can replace an outdated wiper roll, single blade system, or an inferior chambered blade system.

This totally enclosed ink system is available on virtually every type of finishing machine, from machines as narrow as 60” (150 cm) up to 220" (560 cm) wide. AccuPrint® is well equipped with features, such as tool-less blade change, quick-change tool-less end seals, ink flow detector, anilox roll drive system, ink surge suppressor, ink filter, soap dispenser, electronically paced ink pump, continuous air bladder loading and a structurally sound support beam.

The ink system is completely enclosed and thereby reduces the amount of dust or other debris that can enter the system. A totally enclosed chambered system makes it easier for machine operators to keep the ink chemistry healthy. Ink does not circulate through an open pan; instead, ink flow is sealed from the environment.

The AccuPrint® chambered doctor blade system is engineered to be compatible with many machine manufacturers and models. This product is available as a field upgrade or as optional equipment on a newly built machine (OEM). For applications that demand superior graphics, quality inks and substrates, AccuPrint® is the ink system of choice.

  • Standardized wash up time of five minutes. Other systems take up to four times longer.
  • Reduced ink loss during wash up of one pound while other ink systems can waste up to seven pounds.
  • Precise ink-metering of the anilox roll.
  • Ability to manage ink chemistry and color, thereby improving graphics.

Standard structural features:

  • Superior section modulus (cross section) for exceptional unit stiffness.
  • Non-corrosive chamber material for surface durability and ink release.
  • Low pressure, full width air bladder for precise and uniform blade loading.
  • Integrated stops within to prevent the chamber assembly from contacting any part of the anilox roll.

Standard ink control features:

  • Ink chamber geometry optimized to provide a large wetting area while conserving ink volume.
  • Electronically controlled double diaphragm pumps for absolute control of ink flow and chamber ink pressure.
  • State-of-the-art ink flow sensing system, ink strainer and ink bucket mixer.
  • Ink flow valves and controls that allow for quick ink recovery from the chamber and pumps before wash-up cycle.

Standard wash-up features:

  • Semi-automatic wash-up function with liquid soap dispenser.
  • Valves and controls to allow for wash-up while running.
  • Unique chamber wash water distribution system without small nozzles, hoses, and fittings.

Operator/maintenance features:

  • Quick and easy end seal change without tools or hardware.
  • Wide doctor blade thickness capacity and various blade materials.
  • Operator convenient control panel with electrical and pneumatic functions.

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