Beginning in 1990 part of our engineering resources and technical support specialist have been focused on the pursuit of graphically enhanced printing on corrugated substrates. Whether printing high-graphics work, or high-speed production work the discipline of quality printing on corrugated includes several critical components working in harmony;

  •  Accurate sheet transfer through all print sections of the machine.
  •  Quality printing plates and the ability to precisely position the plates on the equipment to achieve the desired image.
  •  Precise ink-metering of the anilox rolls.
  •  Proper anilox configuration for the specific work group.
  •  Ink chemistry management.
  •  Proper substrates for each application.
  •  Elimination of converting equipment interference during the printing process.

We’ve developed several products over the years to become a trusted supplier for technology related to printing; SunTrac® vacuum transfer, dwell units, harmonic digital registers, ColorMaster single blade system, AccuPrint® chambered blade system, Spectrum® print units and PrintPrep® sheet cleaning. In addition, we work with several partners to deliver results for our customers. These products are available as direct upgrades to existing machines, as well as an OEM product for machinery manufacturers.

In addition, we have brought to market the first production machine center for high-speed, single pass inkjet printing on corrugated. This exciting technology falls under the digital product family name CorrStream® and is available in three sizes. Please see our dedicated web pages for the CorrStream product.

We are always eager to help your operations team with their printing challenges.

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