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SUN Automation’s® proprietary Extend-O-Feed® is the industry’s global benchmark for lead edge feeder performance. Known for accuracy, consistency, versatility, durability and its ability to feed a variety of substrates this product has been utilized on more than 7000 corrugated production lines in over 40 countries. In addition, this product is routinely integrated into new equipment by 50+ Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide because of the unique technology and benefits afforded the end-user.

Setting the standard:

  • The patented extended stroke design and pioneering velocity profile allows the feeder to transfer the sheet well beyond the feed roll nip. The result is superior feed accuracy (registration) and reduction of crush by the feed roll grip. The Extend-O-Feed wheel pattern and vacuum system are designed for optimal control – even for warped sheets, thin flutes, and cross-corrugated sheets.
  • With the reduction in order changeover time and its ability to interface to pre-feeders with ease, box-makers often standardize on this product on the wide variety of finishing machines found throughout a typical box plant.
  • In nearly three decades of product evolution the Engineering Team at SUN Automation has brought hundreds of feeder applications to life; high-speed, heavy-duty, rotary die-cutters, flexo-folder gluers, printer-slotters, minis to jumbos, and even feeders for crossover substrates. Let our Application Specialist assist with your needs.
  • The amount of scrap lost to jams is substantially reduced and the operator time clearing jams is saved for production.
  • The feeder allows for lower quality board and warped board to be fed consistently. It also can handle much thinner substrates than other style feeders.
  • With precise velocity control at high speed, production rates can be raised without sacrificing quality.
  • Less down time and fewer repair costs. Routine maintenance limited to changing wheel treads, lubricating and changing oil.
  • Typical life with proper maintenance is approximately 15-20 years.

  • The feeder has a direct drive, fully enclosed, maintenance-free oil bath-lubricated transmission with variable stroke for more control of the board.
  • Vacuum control coupled with a staggered wheel pattern allows for increased sheet support and traction.
  • Auto-indexing hunting ratio assures even wheel tread wear for maximum feed element life.
  • Low friction metal grate runners extends their life for years.
  • Custom engineering allows for smooth integration with your existing finishing machine.
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