Lead Edge Feeder


SUN Automation’s® Exact-O-Feed technology is a lead edge feeder designed for the precise feed distance application required by platen style converting machines. With a platen system the lead edge of the corrugated sheet must be advanced an exact distance and in-time with the awaiting open gripper-bar clamp. By using a large vacuum area and precise cam action, SUN Automation’s Exact-O-Feed delivers sheets squarely and accurately to the gripper bar. This product is available as an upgrade to suction cup pick-and-place feeders or as an OEM supplied feeder for new machines.

Raising the bar:

  • Since this feeder can handle the most difficult stock without jams, the machine can run continuously at high speed. The feed accuracy means the peripheral trim allowance typical for miss-register and skew can be substantially reduced.
  • The simple blower system requires virtually no attention compared to the intensive maintenance needed by the vacuum pump on high-pressure systems.
  • The efficient SUN Automation vacuum system flattens any reasonable warp effectively, where other style vacuum systems create too much pressure over a smaller area and therefore struggle to handle warped sheets.
  • Developed from the same principles as high-speed rotary machine feeders, the rugged transmission and feed table require minimal maintenance.
  • True lead edge feeder instead of suction pick-and-place feed.
  • Jam free operation, even with warped sheets.
  • Higher run speeds.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • The feeder has a direct drive, fully enclosed, maintenance-free oil bath-lubricated transmission with precise feed stroke.
  • Vacuum control coupled with a staggered wheel pattern allows for increased sheet support and feed traction.
  • Auto-indexing system for wheels (hunting ratio) assures even wheel tread wear for maximum life from the urethane wheel treads.
  • Low friction roller grate surface assists gripper-bar transition.
  • Custom engineering allows for smooth integration with your existing finishing machine.

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