CorrStream® Series 40 digital printer for corrugated

Series 40 is Sun’s mid range machine. Print widths of up to 782 mm and capable of 1000 mm width sheet (1600 mm length) this printer is designed to meet the demands of the typical box plant looking to improve margin through print and speed to market.


  • Box Plants looking for high quality printed 0201 in small volumes
  • Revolutionary “Cut2Print” technology allowing corrugated convertors to fully utilize their existing die cutter widths to produce die cut blanks that are then printed On Demand.
  • E – commerce based box sales, via web to press
  • Merchants & Distributors – hold die cut blanks and print to order!
  • Packer Fillers – bulk purchase plain packaging and print the quantities required when required!
  • Designed to supply printed sheet to narrower flat bed die-cutters and platens.

All CorrStream® digital printers for corrugated are modular designed allowing users to add and develop as they grow their digital packaging sales. SUN has also carefully “future proofed” each platform to allow wider Print engine application at a later date without the cost of purchasing a complete machine.

  • Zero Origination and Print Plate costs
  • Micro Set Up times - less than 1 minute
  • No Minimum Order Quantity restrictions
  • Lower Leadtimes, in the interests of your customers speed to market
  • HQPP print quality at lower cost
  • Print widths of 100mm to 1345mm and 3000mm long - Traditional Analogue sizes with Digital benefits
  • Speeds of up to 10 000 sheets per hour
  • Simple to operate and reduced maintenance costs
  • Service Packages available, including Software Support, for peace of mind
  • A range of machines sizes and modular design to future proof and ensure we grow with you

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