CorrStream® – a revolutionary digital printer for corrugated

SUN Automation’s® series of three production speed digital printers for corrugated – CorrStream® 66, 40 and 20 – offer corrugated box makers and the converting sector unrivalled speed, reduced costs, efficiency and outstanding print quality, as well as bringing inkjet sophistication to mainstream applications as a real alternative to conventional analogue methods.

The CorrStream® series of single pass digital printers provide box converters new levels of flexibility in print and as well as the key ability to ease the pressure on box makers’ operating costs at the lowest batch levels, compared to flexographic printing. CorrStream allows for increased value added through print on demand as well as the opportunity for converters to reduce or remove traditional costs such as origination and plate making.

In addition, further opportunities exist for corrugated producers to align with increasing digitalization in other packaging media to provide solutions for brand owner/retailer seasonal or event-based on-shelf promotions that require, for example, short-run or variable print capabilities.

CorrStream's® CMYK color digital printers for corrugated allows graphics to press in hours instead of days, small or large production runs at speeds of up to 8000 sheets per hour, personalization and graphic changes, data merge capabilities, wide formats and mass customization.

Simple to operate, the three equipment option sizes provide High Quality Post Print (HQPP) print quality at lower costs on the typical batch sizes now seen at many plants. It’s only a matter of time for industrial inkjet to take hold in the graphics market on corrugated. This range of machines and their modular design will future-proof corrugated companies and help them to capitalize on new opportunities.

All together, the CorrStream® solution will give you:

  • Commercial, high volume, aqueous print on corrugated materials
  • Consistent, reliable and robust machinery backed by dedicated Workflow designed for Corrugated
  • Drop on Drop quality and consistency for maximised print quality direct from the Sun Lead Edge Feed system
  • Maximum colour and ink cost control using Corrstream Dynamic Colour Range technology


  1. What is it? Drop on demand, aqueous, and industrial inkjet printers.
  2. What makes it stand out? Single pass, high speed, and contact less print for the corrugated digital packaging sector.
  3. Where does it fit? It closes the profitability gap with a combination of lower operating costs on batch quantities up to 10,000 sheets vs. Flexo and improved material handling vs. other digital print platforms.
  4. Who should use it? All box plants with 2+ color work regularly going through their plant in batch sizes of less than 4,000 sheets.
  5. R&D? Research and development during six-seven years with the emergence of reliable, drop on demand inkjet coupled with the established material handling expertise of Sun Automation.
  • Zero origination and print plate costs
  • Micro set up times – less than 1 minute
  • No minimum order quantity restrictions
  • Lower lead-times (hours not weeks),
  • HQPP print quality at lower cost
  • Aqueous inks, and as such safe for use on secondary and tertiary packaging as well as being fully recyclable.

  • Print widths of 100 mm to 1,345 mm and 3,000 mm
  • Traditional analogue sizes with digital benefits
  • Speeds of up to 10,000 sheets per hour
  • Simple to operate and reduced maintenance costs
  • Service packages available, including software
  • Support, for peace of mind
  • A range of machines sizes and modular design to future proof 

SUN Automation understands corrugated: Sun Automation has been designing, supplying and supporting the worldwide corrugated industry for over 28 years..

The Printing Environment:  The company also appreciates the need to meet this market demand in the interests of safety, the environment and quality. SUN Automation’s inks are aqueous and while the current inks can only be used on uncoated papers Sun do have coated ink solutions, able to be used on the same equipment, due to market this year.

Lead-times in hours, not weeks: No other technology in corrugated can offer lead times from approval to shelf in hours – not weeks. For convertors this represents added value as days are taken away from origination and print plate/cliché making. It also allows the box convertors to seek value from handling artwork – as opposed to the originators.

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