MicroGrind for Top anvil Applications

The anvil has always been critical to the accuracy and quality of the diecut sheet. Since 2000, converters have relied on Sun Automation Group’s MicroGrind for bottom printing rotary diecutters.

As die cutting is more prominent on flexo folder gluers, converters look at the quality and consistency of the products they produce. To that end, Sun introduced the patented MicroGrind technology to flexo folder gluers and for top anvil machines.

Now, if there is a top anvil, it’s not a problem. All the benefits of the MicroGrind for the lower anvil on the finished product is carried over with the top anvil grinder to the newer flexo folder-gluers.

The Microgrind uses a full-width tungsten carbide grinding roll to automatically grind the anvil flat and true. This is done automatically every 10,000 impressions without operator intervention. Instead of once a week, grinding can be done 7-8 times a shift while the machine is running.

Using Microgrind for machines with top anvils grinding is done above the board line and ground dust would fall onto the clean board. Sun’s Microgrind is equipped with a system that collects the anvil dust as it’s grinding. The system is hinged, thus permitting quick access when anvil covers need to be changed.

With MicroGrind, depending on the product mix, converters can eliminate anvil rotation and can expect longer blanket life, as well as saving the time and labor costs involved in these activities: a major cost savings. The time saved goes back into production, thus increasing revenue.


Improves anvil life, blanket rotation is minimized

  • Labor Savings
  • Productivity gain
  • Quality impact
  • Reduction in wear on cutting dies

Less stress on machine components


Continuously grinds anvil smooth and even providing:

  • Accurate cut length sheet to sheet, run to run
  • Crisp, consistent scores
  • Consistent “nicks” for breaker applications

0.001” (0.025 mm) material removal every 10,000 sheets while the machine is running. Compensation of anvil rotational speed to maintain consistent surface speed. Fully automatic, no operator intervention required. Tungsten Carbide Grinding RolMicrogrind is also available for top anvil machines.

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