The MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy System has provided rotary die cutting and creasing improvements for over a decade.

Over the years machine designers have attempted to trim the anvil with several different methods. Although these efforts may have provided slight gains for rotary die cutting, in order to achieve a higher level of precision, consistency, and repeatability, new equipment innovation was required. That innovation came in the form of SUN’s MicroGrind product. SUN’s Engineering Team worked closely with experienced converters who were attempting to utilize more machine format and raise the quality in the final corrugated container.

The results of this collective effort drove SUN to focus on three key development components:

  • The ability to maintain a consistent cutting & creasing surface throughout the life of the anvil blankets while reducing the need for blanket rotation.
  • The ability to precisely control the anvil speed automatically ensures that sheets are cut to a consistent dimension. The first die cut board is cut as precise as the last, even on high quantity output jobs at different points in the life of the anvil.
  • The ability for the system to maintain itself without operator intervention or lost productivity.

By utilizing a full width grinding roll, engaged systematically against the entire anvil surface, and then adjusting the anvil speed, converters greatly advanced the quality and productivity on rotary die cutting machines. Sun’s MicroGrind system uses a tungsten carbide grinding roll to grind the anvil flat and true. This inventive idea allows the surface to be treated in micro amounts (0.001” or 0.025 mm) automatically with grinding precision every 10,000 impressions without operator intervention.

Grinding that was traditionally done once a week is now able to be done several times a shift while the machine is running and with no down-time. Ultimately, the accuracy and quality of the box is enhanced because it is being die cut on a uniform cutting surface that is running at the correct speed.

MicroGrind is available as an upgrade for existing machines, as well as by request on almost all new machine models in the market including top anvil machines.

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