Langston Upgrades

Langston® machinery, the workhorses of the corrugated industry

Langston is a landmark brand in the corrugated industry with international recognition for providing workhorse equipment.

Legacy corrugator products like the XD and 380 Single-facers, Mill Roll Stands, Glue Machines, Double-facers and Preheaters are still serving our industry. Finishing equipment names like Titan and Saturn invoke positive memories among end users for their durability, simplicity, and ease of use. The Saturn II and Saturn III flexo-folder-gluers were revolutionary machines in their day with over 500 of these still producing in box plants today.

SUN Automation Group® acquired in 2001 all trademarks, patents, designs, bills of materials, inventory and drawings for Langston®, Staley®and Greenwood  machinery.
Although SUN Automation does not manufacture complete Langston machines, SUN Automation can provide many of the independent sections for this equipment; Corrugator Roll Carts, Print Stations, Die Cut Sections, Pre-creasing sections and numerous upgrades for the legacy Langston equipment. 

As SUN Automation has access to all original drawings; SUN Automation has the ability to manufacture new parts to replace worn parts, as well enhancing the machines with modern technology. As a matter of fact, by rebuilding a XD or 380 single-facer, a Titan RDC, or Saturn Flexo-Folder-Gluer can be a productive asset for another 15-20 years.

The Saturn’s time-proven design, along with quality components and workmanship, has not only helped the Saturn earn its place as the “workhorse” converting machine among box makers, but also has positioned itself in today’s marketplace as a machine that can be rebuilt. By combining new SUN Automation technology upgrades with replacement of critical worn parts these machines achieve a new level of performance.

Suggested improvements to the original Saturn Counter Ejectors include upgrades that would reduce vibrations at high speeds; a backstop design that would not mark or damage the leading edges of boxes entering the hopper; improved safety gates; and powered bundle exit conveyors that would better protect operators during jam removal.

The basic principles of operation of the counter ejector are still sound, but some parts of the pneumatic and hydraulic system are obsolete and should be replaced with more modern devices.

Understanding and applying these upgrades to existing Saturn counter ejectors will increase average running speeds, improve the life of all the moving mechanical parts, eliminate edge damage to boxes at high speeds and provide a safer working environment for operators as they continue to run their Saturn’s as the workhorses of their plants.

Inside the register assembly, there are typically worm gear sets that provide a compact, high-ratio mechanical reduction. However, this mechanism has inherited backlash.

Sun Automation Group offers a Digital Register with harmonic drive, servo control, ringfedered hub connection and digital readout. Tight registration is achieved and maintained with no adjustments or additional lubrication requirements!

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