Dwell Unit

Dwell Unit

The Vacuum Transfer Dwell Unit usually fits between the last print unit and the die cut unit to ensure printing is completed on the sheet before die cutting begins. It also provides additional ink drying time and space for drying units. In addition, often Dwell Units are used throughout a finishing machine to enhance drying or print quality.

The fundamental advantage of a dwell unit is to ensure two functions are not engaged with a single corrugated sheet at one time. This can be printing and die cutting, printing and printing, or feeding and printing. The additional space provided by a dwell unit keeps two competing nip points from affecting each other’s activity, as well as provide more drying time and a space for dryers if needed.

  • Improve print quality.
  • Improve production speed.
  • Eliminate print smearing that occurs in the die cutter by increasing the dwell time and ensuring that the sheet is free from the last print plate nip.
  • Vacuum deck adjusts with board caliper.
  • Self-contained vacuum system.
  • The additional space provides more drying time and also creates an area for dryers if needed.
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