In 1999 our most loyal customers asked us to dedicate part of our R&D resources to the converting component of corrugated packaging. Having become subject matter experts on feeding and printing, we pushed our ambitious and talented development team onto some of the most difficult challenges in converting. Our first product, MicroGrind®, was introduced in 2000 and it was immediately embraced by die cutting converters. This proprietary product allows rotary die cutting and creasing to achieve a new level of accuracy and consistency by keeping the anvil perfectly smooth and the speed controlled properly throughout the life of the anvil covers. MicroGrind is also available as an upgrade to existing converting equipment, or as an option on your new machine. We work with dozens of equipment manufacturers (OEM) to integrate this technology into their equipment.

With MicroGrind, and in 2001 the acquisition of Langston® Machinery and their technology, our expertise has grown to cover a number of converting components; cutting, creasing, slotting, folding, gluing, scrap management, and stacking.

Please reach out to us and share your converting challenges so that we may extend our technology into your production victory.

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