Parts Expansion

SUN Automation Group® has created a separate, technical group responsible for the reengineering of parts for a wide variety of machinery.

The main focus is to supply parts for our customers, where the delivery times and prices are unacceptable from their current supplier. SUN may be able to provide a stocking position for critical breakdown and high usage parts. Parts Expansion can many times offer a high performance version of a requested part, improving part lifespan, functionality, or operational performance.

The Parts Expansion team is equipped with a FARO digitizer arm measuring device, tied to SolidWorks CAD software, allowing them to create three-dimensional solid models to be drafted into working drawings. Then, SUN applies its proven engineering expertise in material selection, heat treatment, and tolerancing. Each part is closely checked by our QC Dept. The Parts Expansion effort focuses on the customer relationship, to fully hear and understand the issues, so that we can supply the most efficient and effective solutions.

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Greg Smith
Greg Smith

Designer – Part Expansion

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