Pneumatic Control Valve spool upgrade

The Saturn III uses air motors to set up many of the machine axes. The valves used to operate these motors are ARO Alpha series stacking valves. The high air flow required by the air motors is able to pass through these valves because they are fitted with spools designed to use tight fitting greased seals in the small bore of the valve body.

Over time, the oil mist, which is contained in the air flowing through the valves and is required to lubricate the motors, will dissolve the grease coating on the valve spools. This causes the valve spools to become sticky and sluggish so that sometimes they shift slowly or not at all. This causes longer set- up times and problems during set-up.

This upgrade eliminates this problem with Viton covered spools and seals. Also, a special oil- resistant grease is supplied to use upon re-assembly. With these new spools in place, the valves will shift more reliably at a lower pressure. This will allow more of the valves to shift simultaneously during the supply line pressure drops encountered during set-up. This results in faster machine set- up times and less maintenance down-time.

This retrofit is another example of our commitment at SUN Automation Group`to help you keep your Langston finishing machinery operating at peak efficiency.

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