High performance folding belt

The benefit of this upgrade is enhanced gripping force for more positive sheet control during folding. These belts eliminate slippage and improve folding accuracy for all caliper and grades of board.

All vacuum belts have a series of holes through the belt which allow the vacuum boxes on the folding rails to hold and support the board as it travels through the folder. As the panels are folded, the belt must exert enough force to maintain the speed of the box, and keep it from slipping or skewing, otherwise the folded boxes will be out of tolerance.

The standard belts used on Saturn machines with vacuum assist boxes have a rough top surface supplied with either a centered 1 hole pattern or a staggered 2 hole grouping. If the belts are forced off of the vacuum box centerline during folding, a loss of vacuum will occur, and the box can slip or skew.

This new folding belt features a smooth high wear surface with a specially engineered pattern of holes. Large counter-bored holes with smaller through holes act like suction cups and maintain consistent holding force between the sheet and the belt, even if the belt is running slightly off-center. This results in a positive gripping of the sheet and transport through the folding section without any slippage regardless of board grade or caliper.

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