Gang Adjustment for Folder hold down rollers

Gang adjust handwheel for caliper changesThis upgrade offers the benefit of greatly reduced set-up time by allowing the operator to adjust all of the folder hold-down rollers at once when changing board caliper. To avoid having to change the roller adjustment individually with a standard hold-down roll configuration, many operators adjust them for a “happy medium” between the calipers being run. Many times this is the cause of slipping and skewing through the folding section. This system eliminates this problem by making the adjustment of all of the hold-down rollers quick and easy by means of one handwheel for each folding rail.

Although this system is ideal for short orders, plants with long production runs can also enjoy the benefit of reduced set-up time and improved production as well as better product quality and less waste.

For retrofits engineered to increase production and profits from your Langston Finishing Machinery, always look to SUN Automation Group. Give one of our parts representatives a call at 800 253 7278 for details about this or any of our other upgrades to increase the profits of your finishing department.

Hold down roller

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