Counter Ejector Hydraulics conversion

Saturn I and the Saturn IIDue to the obsolescence of the valves, which are no longer available from the manufacturer, it was necessary to produce a field conversion kit to upgrade the Saturn I and the Saturn II Counter Ejector to the newer style valves used on the Saturn III machines. This is part of our continuing effort at SUN Automation Group to keep your Langston finishing machinery making profit for you.  

The retrofit includes all new tubing and hose assemblies custom fabricated by our technicians on site. Due to the nature of the retrofit, it is advisable to have the work performed by qualified SUN Automation Group technicians. We have found through experience that this facilitates the retrofit and minimizes inconvenience and lost production. 

The retrofit will require 2 SUN Automation Group technicians, working together, as well as 1 additional person from your plant approximately four 12 hour days to complete.  

Our suggestion is to do the work on two weekends so that there is no interruption in your production schedule. The Counter Ejector can be completed on one weekend, and the conveyor and cart on the next.

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