Push Button Rollchange Upgrade for the 380SF Singlefacer

This upgrade offers the advantage of a safer and easier corrugating roll module change using only one person. On a standard 380SF, it takes up to 3 persons to accomplish a flute change. 

The corrugating roll module weighs over 12,000 pounds and can be very difficult to manually remove when the roll-in tracks become dirty. Often, a lift truck or similar device is used to pull the rolls out of the singlefacer. This is not only unsafe, but can damage the machine. 

Also, on the standard machine, it is necessary for one person to enter the drive side safety enclosure to disconnect various hot steam, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses after a manual steam blow-down. 

This upgrade includes a powered mechanism to move the roll module in and out of the singlefacer as well as an automatic drive belt handler. Also, all steam, hydraulic and pneumatic lines are located on the drive side of the machine within the safety enclosure. These are automatically engaged and disengaged while the enclosure remains closed. An automatic blow-down system senses steam pressure to protect your operators and prevent accidental disconnection of the lines while they are under pressure. 

The corrugating roll module is hydraulically locked to the machine during the entire roll change for increased safety. This replaces the standard manual locks which are prone to damage from misalignment when putting the roll cart against the machine. 

This upgrade is available as a complete package or as individual component sections as follows:

  • Powered roll-out and locking mechanism only.
  • Locking mechanism only.
  • Belt handler only.
  • Automatic utilities and belt handler only.
  • Automatic steam blow-down system. 

This is another example of our commitment at SUN Automation Group to the safety and increased productivity of your Langston Corrugating Machinery. 

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