Powered Corrugating Roll Module Traverse for the 380SF Singlefacer

This upgrade package offers the benefit of removal of the corrugating roll module by one person. On a conventional machine this is impossible since the roll module weighs in excess of 12,000 pounds. The rolls are moved in and out of the machine by means of a durable re-circulating ball screw constructed of stainless steel. The screw is powered by a simple gear arrangement driven by a hydraulic motor. Automatic disengagement of the driving nut from the roll carriage is accomplished by retracting the drive pin when the rolls are completely out of the machine. Likewise, the pin automatically engages to run the rolls back into the operating position. Hydraulic locking of the corrugating roll cart to the machine base is also included in this upgrade. This provides positive locking with no chance of the cart becoming disengaged during removal or inserting of the roll module.

Safety interlocks prevent the rolls from being moved without the lock engaged. For today’s safety conscious plant, this upgrade can help to prevent potential injury to persons trying to remove a heavy roll module. Also, damage to the module itself can be eliminated as it should never be necessary to removed the rolls using a lift truck or other device when their removal is impeded by starch or paper buildup.

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