Increase your XD/103 SF Speed to 800 FPM

This high performance drive system from SUN Automation Group can significantly increase the speed of your plant’s existing singlefacers. The bolt-up design makes the conversion quick and easy.

This system comes complete with an inline direct glue roll drive with the capability of being run at, or up to 20% below, the paper speed of the singlefacer. This allows the operator to easily adjust the ratio for improved starch application and lowered consumption.

The main drive is a proven HTD belt system with no gears. Lubrication is easily accomplished since all bearings are lubricated from a centrally located manifold. A clear inspection cover is provided for inspection of the secondary drive belt with additional inspection covers for the primary drive.

The state-of-the-art ABB AC drives input motor current and voltage to an adaptive motor model which calculates an actual flux and torque at very short intervals. These are compared to a reference value, and the inverter is optimized to control the motor which closes the loop of the system. Adaptive programming allows the drives to control peripherals with no stand alone PLC. A common DC bus eliminates the need for an expensive regenerative drive for the glue roll.

The main drive is rated at 100hp. The motor is a heavy-duty cast iron 75hp inverter duty model. This allows the drive to operate easily with in its parameters, even under the most extreme conditions.

The direct drive unit, which replaces the obsolete Cleveland mechanical gear reducer, can also be used with your existing

singlefacer drive motor. The onboard glue roll drive eliminates over $30,000 worth of wear parts in the drive train.

This direct replacement unit can be easily installed over a weekend shutdown to increase your machine’s profitability quickly.

To inquire about this or any of our other upgrades, call a SUN Automation Group parts or service specialist at 1-800-253-7278



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