Improve the Performance and Uptime of your 380SF with these Upgrades

“Bringing your Langston Corrugating Machinery into the 21st Century”

  1. Independent pressure roll adjustment
  2. Felt hood seal
  3. LVDT gap readout
  4. Precision meter roll gap adjustment
  5. Gap with speed option
  6. Bronze doctor blade
  7. Heavy duty LCR bearings
  8. Hydraulic cart lock-up
  9. Powered roll-in
  10. Top medium showers
  11. Automatic belt handler
  12. Push button steam shut-off
  13. Complete auto-utilities
  14. Steel hydraulic tubing
  15. Pneumatic valve stack
  16. Enhanced alarm system
  17. Manual gap back-up system
  18. AC main drive conversion
  19. Software upgrades

 More upgrades in development



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