Hydraulic Tubing Upgrade for the 380SF Singlefacer

This upgrade will eliminate the downtime caused by broken
hydraulic lines within the bedplate of the 380SF Singlefacer.

Originally, all the hydraulic lines on these machines were run
with hose. Due to the high ambient temperatures around the
Singlefacer, these hoses would harden and break over time.

Because of the way these hoses were routed on these
machines, it is very difficult to isolate and replace any single
hose that is leaking. Also, in many cases, multiple hoses were
run through an abrasion resistant jacket within the bedplate.
This makes it almost impossible to remove a single leaking
hose. Many hours of downtime can be caused by the necessity
of replacing a critical hydraulic line which is inaccessible.

With this upgrade, all hidden hoses are replaced with
stainless steel tubing, which is virtually maintenance free. All
lines are on the exterior of the bedplate making them readily
accessible. The only hoses used are short lengths from the end
of the steel tubing to the device (i.e. the cylinder, valve, etc.).
This also makes it easier to isolate individual devices for
troubleshooting purposes.

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