Hydraulic Cart Locking Upgrade for the 380SF Singlefacer

This upgrade offers ease of alignment and positive locking of the Corrugating Roll Cart to the main frame of the 380SF Singlefacer. It eliminates easily damaged and unreliable manual locks previously used on these machines. Accidental movement of the cart away from the machine is eliminated by this system. If the cart moves away from the machine when the rolls are being removed with the old lock system, a potential for injury to the operator or damage to the roll carriage exists.The cart is secured to the machine base by a positive hydraulic locking device.

An indicator light shows when the cart is in position and it is safe to roll the carriage into or out of the Singlefacer. Alignment bumpers insure the Roll Cart is perpendicular to the machine and provide positive stops when engaging the cart to the machine to avoid shock.

The operator station is conveniently located inside the operation side machine enclosure for easy access when changing flutes.

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