High Volume Hydraulic Pump Upgrade for the Model 143 and 380 MRS Mill Roll Stands

This upgrade offers the benefit of increasing the speed of operation of both the Langston Model 143 and the 380MRS Mill Roll Stands.

The existing hydraulic pump and motor arrangement is replaced with a 10 HP unit. Also, the hoses from the pump to the valve stack are replaced with larger high capacity hoses and the pressure relief valve size is increased. A larger size motor starter is also included in the

This system will increase the speed of the Model 143 by 100%, and increase the speed of the 380 MRS by 50%. This is of course beneficial on today’s high speed corrugators as well as when running short orders. Decreased cycle times mean your operators will have more time for other duties and thus decrease your overall change-over time.

Several Mill Roll Stands can be converted over a weekend shutdown to increase your productivity quickly.

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