High Performance Felt Hood Seal for the 380SF Singlefacer

Inside of 380SF showing the sealThis upgrade offers an economical alternative to the replacement of the costly anodized aluminum or steel hood seal roll used in the 380SF Singlefacer.

Both the steel and the aluminum designs have their shortcomings as used in these machines. The steel roll is prone to warping due to contact with the hot pressure roll, and the aluminum roll is prone to journal failure.

The cost of replacement of the seal roll and the brass sealing bar underneath it is well over $9,000. This roll may have to be replaced many times during the life of the singlefacer. The seal roll rotates at a very high speed in a bad environment, and this is the reason for it’s frequent failure.

The Felt Seal Retrofit has no moving parts during machine operation, and it’s only movement is to back away from the pressure roll when the singlefacer is stopped. This is accomplished by 2 pneumatic cylinders which engage and retract the assembly. 1-443-212-0001

The felt sealing material has a long life and is easy to replace during a period of machine idle time. Unlike aftermarket seals, our actuation cylinders are out of the pressure hood and away from contamination from adhesive. Also, the pressure roll can be removed when necessary without removing the seal assembly.

This retrofit has been designed to reduce your maintenance costs and increase your machine’s uptime. Other benefits include reduced blower current draw for longer motor life and higher hood pressures. Don’t confuse this upgrade with a copied aftermarket design. This system was designed by the same engineers who originally designed your singlefacer.

At SUN Automation Group, we’re committed to supplying our customers with upgrades and products to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and to increase the productivity of your corrugating machinery. Give us a call to let us know how we may help you with your increased production goals.



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