High Adhesive Level Alarm Upgrades for the 380SF

View showing location of liquid level sensorThis retrofit package will eliminate the downtime for cleanup and maintenance caused by the failure of the adhesive return pump or stoppage of the return lines. It will also prevent motors and other components inside the pressure hood from being damaged by the hood filling with adhesive. 

Often times when one singlefacer is idle (i.e.- when running another flute on a different singlefacer), the operator will not notice a problem with the idle machine. If a return pump stops or a line becomes clogged under these conditions, the results can be costly in both lost production and replacement of damaged components. 

When a problem occurs with this upgrade installed, the adhesive supply line is automatically shut off, and both an audible and a visible alarm will be activated to alert the operator to the problem. Often the problem can be corrected with no downtime to the corrugator. 

This upgrade is exactly the same system that is used on the newest generation singlefacers and will easily pay for itself in eliminated downtime caused by this nuisance problem. 

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