Heavy Duty Lower Corrugating Roll Bearing Upgrade

Comparison of old and new bearingsThis upgrade offers increased reliability for the Lower Corrugating Roll in the 380SF singlefacer. 

High nip pressures needed for running a wide web at high machine speeds on the 380 SF can cause premature failure of the Lower Corrugating Roll bearings. 

The bearings included with this upgrade are almost twice as wide as the standard 380 SF bearings and also have a larger outside diameter. They have a massive 150,000 pound dynamic load capacity-twice that of the standard bearing. 

Also included in the package are all the oil seals, bearing housings and all associated parts, as well as Krytox grease, for a quick and easy conversion. 

The benefits of this conversion are:

- Better wide-web run ability. 
- Improved high speed operation. 
- Less down time. 
- Longer bearing life.

These are the same bearings used in the latest 450 SF singlefacer and are capable of 1500 FPM machine speeds.

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