Glue Dam Presets and Optional Corrugating Roll Pressure Control

This system features fully integrated controls for ease of operationThis upgrade offers you the ability to change paper widths more easily and with less operator attention. With the standard system the operator must manually adjust the dams to the proper width by physically watching them move while holding a switch which activates the dams.  

With this system, a preset can be entered well ahead of the change-over, and the operator only has to touch a pad on the control console to activate the dams and move them to the next preset position. This allows your operators more time to perform the splice and align the paper. This means less misaligned product and scrap at a paper change.

 With the optional corrugating roll loading controls, the hydraulic loading pressure of the rolls is controlled as a function of paper width. This value is entered as a simple percentagei. e. if the value is set at 50%, and the rolls are loaded at 1200 psi for full width, then the pressure would be 600 psi at the minimum width. This value is linear between minimum and maximum. This system decreases corrugating roll wear and scrap from problems such as

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