Corrugating Service

At SUN Automation Group®, we’re serious in our commitment to help you keep your Langston Corrugating Machinery operating at peak productivity.

Some of the many benefits of SUN Automation Group Corrugating Service are:

  • One call for parts and service
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Complete OEM documentation
  • OEM trained Technicians
  • Over 300 years of combined industry expertise

We offer the following services to help keep your Langston®Corrugating Machinery making profit for you year after year:

  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosis for electronic, electrical and mechanical problems
  • Complete Service Contracts
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Corrugator Optimization Services
  • Corrugator Alignment Services
  • In-Plant Production and Maintenance Staff Seminars
  • Complete Machine Rebuilding Service
    • In your facility
    • In our factory
  • Turnkey Machine Installation
  • Supervised Machine Installation
  • Software Upgrades
  • System Upgrades
  • Machine Removal and Transport
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Support

Please give us a call to inquire about any of our services or to let us know how we can help you increase profits and reduce downtime.

Major credit cards accepted for service work and parts orders.



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