Corrugating Roll Carriage Rebuilds

Corrugation roll carriageDoes your current vendor offer you all of these advantages? 

  1. Inspection of idler roll bearings
  2. Inspection of roll-in wheels
  3. Replacement of all strippers, pins, and bushings
  4. Loading cylinder replacement
  5. Improved lower corrugating roll bearings
  6. Latest design lateral adjustment if needed
  7. Cleaning and painting to original machine specifications
  8. Replacement of all warning signs and tags
  9. Replacement of all seals and guide rollers
  10. Replacement of all pressure seals
  11. Rebuilt with corrugating rolls from the vendor of your choice
  12. Pressure roll stop modification to latest design if needed
  13. Replacement of all “o” rings and seals for auto utilities equipped machines
  14. Inspection of all pressure hoses
  15. Inspection of all safety guards, dolly wheels and guides
  16. Replacement of seal blade cylinders with the newest design
  17. Inspection and replacement of damaged pneumatic lines
  18. Replacement of glue mechanism stops
  19. Lower corrugating roll bushing and pin inspection
  20. Replacement of steam joints and siphon pipes
  21. Complete auto-utilities retrofit

The SUN Automation Group advantage: Your corrugating roll carriage is restored to original OEM specifications or better for less than you might expect. 

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