Automatic or Manual Glue Dam Upgrade for the Langston Model 131, 280 and 380 Glue Machine

View showing a dam with the pan loweredThis upgrade offers the versatility of being able to run bottom liners and mediums of varying widths without the normal problems of running wide medium and a narrow bottom liner. This is especially useful with today’s “beltless” doublefacer technology where constant starch buildup on the hot plates is a real problem.

Of course, with a standard doublefacer, the benefit of less machine downtime for belt and hotplate cleaning also adds to your shift totals.

Available with manual or automatic configuration, this retrofit package also includes an improved pan lowering mechanism and a durable stainless steel pan with a virtually unlimited lifespan. An air retractable-adjustable Doctor blade and stainless splash shields and dam assemblies are also included.

The automatic system has an easy to read digital readout unit for accurate width adjustment as well as a readout that shows the dam offset from the true machine centerline. Also, the dams can be preset for the next width being run so that paper width changes are smooth with little attention by the operator.

With the manual system, the dams are set by the operator to the width being run. The dams are adjusted using a knob arrangement similar to that used on the model XD singlefacer.

The dam package can be ordered with either both stations automatic, both stations manual, or 1 automatic and 1 manual.

Durable all stainless steel components and low maintenance requirements make this system an ideal addition to your corrugator.

If you would like to have the versatility offered by this package, or to inquire about any of our other corrugator upgrades, call a parts representative at (443)-212-0001.

At SUN Automation Group, we’re always looking for new ways to improve your Langston Corrugating Machinery.

View showing the operator side dam controls



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