Automatic Belt Handler for the 380SF Singlefacer

View showing the belt handler in the extended positionThis upgrade offers the benefit of a safer and easier flute change for the Langston 380SF Singlefacer.

With the original manual flute change system, a person is required to hold the drive belt out of the way while removing or inserting the corrugating roll module. When this upgrade is installed, this is no longer necessary.

A pneumatic cylinder arrangement, working in conjunction with the existing hydraulic tensioning cylinder, holds the drive belt out of the way of the corrugating roll drive sheave. This allows the roll module to be removed by 2 persons instead of 3. It also eliminates any possibility of a person being injured on the drive side of the machine during a flute change.

Also included in the upgrade is a newly designed pneumatic valve stack with easily removable valves for quicker replacement and less down time for repairs.

This is the same proven system used on 380SF machines with the optional pushbutton (auto-utilities) flute change system. This upgrade can be installed on most 380SF singlefacer without the addition of any new electronic hardware. The only changes required will be minor PLC program changes which can be done at the time of installation.

Returnable installation templates are also supplied with the upgrade 
for easy hole layout and a quicker installation time. To inquire about this, or any of our many other available upgrades for your Langston Corrugating Machinery, give one of our parts or service representatives a call at (443)-212-0001.

For upgrades to make your machinery safer, more productive, and easier to maintain, always look to SUN Automation.



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