Do you have a Ward, Koppers, or United machine, and would like to have an alternative to the OEM? Sun Automation Group has developed fully engineered replacement parts. They are guaranteed to fit and function properly. Sun’s parts include improvements in function, materials, and manufacturing processes that translate into saved hours of down time and scrapped board.

Sun Automation Group knows Ward machines. We have rebuilt many complete Ward machines in house, as well as in the field, using Sun designed parts. Sun’s Engineering Dept. has a talented crew of designers, some of whom have worked for the OEM. We addressed the known weaknesses and further improved the design integrity of the parts, as a part of our rigorous re-engineering program.


  • Die Cutter
  • 866 = 66 x 80
  • 166 = 66 x 100
  • 13000 = 66 x 80
  • Flexo Folder Gluer:
  • 11500 = 37.5" x 96
  • 12000 = 50 x 113
  • 15000 = 66 x 113
  • 16000 = 66 x 125

(The below have PDF's on the site to reference for Ward parts)

Lead Feed BeltsCarbon ButtonsRegister UpgradeSlotter/Scorer Head PackageSplit Wear Plate.

Sun Automation Group has developed a line of high quality, common replacement parts for your United Koppers G35, G50, and NSL machines. These parts have been used on Sun’s in-house and field machine rebuilds. Each part has been professionally re-engineered, and is guaranteed to fit and perform properly.


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