Sun Automation Group is the OEM supplier for all Staley machines and retrofit products. Sun owns all of the Staley intellectual property, and has several original Staley employees on staff. Sun is able to supply every OEM part, as well as improved parts and upgrades for your Staley equipment.

  • Staley Die Cutter (66 x 65, 66 x 85)
  • Staley Flexo Folder Gluer/Die Cutter(66 x 14, 66 x 115, 66 x 130, 86 x 185 and 86 x 195's)
  • Rotofeed - Lead Edge Feeder (various OEM's & Sizes)
  • Kicker Feed Retrofits (various OEM's and Sizes)
  • Flexo Conversions (various OEM's and Sizes)

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