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Sun Automation Group is the OEM supplier for all Langston finishing machines and retrofit products. Sun owns all of the Langston intellectual property, and has several original Langston employees on staff. Sun is able to supply every OEM part, as well as improved parts and upgrades for your Langston equipment.

  • Langston Flexo Folder Gluer
  • Printer Slotter
  • Langston Saturn (Mini's Sat II, Sat III)
  • Langston Saturn III Die Cutter

Saturn FFG upgraders

Gang Adjustment for Folder hold down rollers

Saturns use spring loaded hold down roller assemblies to supply nip pressure on the top of the folding belt in order to control and transport the board through the folding section. There may be as many as 48 of these roller assemblies on a machine. The original design did not allow for any operator adjustment of these roller assemblies. The roller nip pressure had to be adjusted for each roller assembly individually, usually by maintenance. Nip pressure was usually set at mid range, with no way to change for caliper conditions while the machine was running. This upgrade offers the benefit of reduced setup time by allowing the operator to adjust all of the hold down rollers at the same time by simply turning a handwheel. This gives the operator the ability to make quick adjustments on folding belt pressure for board caliper changes, eliminating a major cause of slippage and skewing during the first 90 degrees of fold.

Frame Lock Conversion

This upgrade converts the frame lock mechanism from an eccentric pawl and pin to a link and hardened wedge. This method for locking machine sections together is self compensating for wear, is not sensitive to dirt, and keeps the frames locked together tightly, which improves registration, extends the life of the gear train and eliminates the maintenance required to keep the lock system functioning.

Counter Ejector Hydraulics conversion

Many of the pneumatic and hydraulic components such as cylinders and valves used on older machines are no longer readily available for replacement. This upgrade supplies all of the necessary components and hardware to modernize and rebuild these counter ejectors to the current standards of performance and reliability. With this upgrade, the machine will perform more reliably, requiring less maintenance while increasing machine speeds.

Pneumatic Control Valve spool upgrade

Saturns use air motors to set up many of the machine axes. The valves used to operate these motors are ARO Alpha series stacking valves. Over time, the oil mist contained in the air flowing through these valves to lubricate the air motors dissolves the grease coating on the valve spools. This causes the valves to become “sticky” and not shift reliably, causing incomplete or inaccurate setups. This upgrade supplies new viton covered spools with permanent grease coatings for all of the ARO valves used to operate the setup air motors. With these new spools in place, more valves will be able to shift simultaneously improving reliability and reducing setup times.

Powered Counter Ejector Exit Conveyor

All of the Saturn Counter Ejectors have exit conveyors which are powered up to the compression section. Bundles sit under the compression rollers in this section until they are pushed out by the bundle that was just formed behind it. This procedure continues until the order is complete. The last several bundles in each order remain under the compression rollers until the operator manually pulls them out. The operator is required at the end of each order to physically reach into the counter ejector to remove the remaining bundles and push them into the strapper. This upgrade provides a conveyor which has both the entrance and exit sections powered. The variable speed exit station automatically discharges all of bundles of each order into the strapper, eliminating the need for the operator to reach into the machine at any time, improving productivity and safety.

Dual Slitter Blade

Saturn slitter heads in the Creaser/Slotter section have always used one set of trim knives (upper and lower). Machine trim has to be ½ in. wide for most orders, or the knives will separate and not cut. This upgrade adds a special set of hardened “dummy knives” to the other side of the slitter head to preload the cutting knives, eliminating separation during slitting and producing neatly cut narrow trim. This anti-separating arrangement allows much less trim to be cut from each box blank, greatly reducing the paper costs per box.

High performance folding belt

Standard folding belts used on Saturns with vacuum assist boxes have a rough top surface with a series of holes. Over time, the surface condition and gripping force of these belts drastically changes due to wear, which leads to problems transporting the boxes through the folder. Also, if the standard belts are forced off the centerline of the vacuum boxes at any time during folding, a loss of vacuum will occur, causing box slippage and skewing during the last stages of folding. Sun’s high performance folding belts feature a smooth high-tech wear surface for maximum life, along with specially manufactured holes which grip like suction cups. This belt provides a high and consistent holding force on the sheet as it progresses through the folding section even if the belt is not perfectly centered over the vacuum box inlet. The enhanced gripping force of these belts will improve folding accuracy and increase machine speeds by eliminating fishtailing and skewing in the folding section.

High performance Creaser rings

Standard industry supplied creaser rings are made with several components that are bolted together to achieve the desired scoring profile. The major disadvantage of using this type of bolted ring is concentricity inaccuracy when running ( as much as .012 inch out of round ) , which causes extensive folding problems - especially with small flutes or recycled liners.

Sun Automation’s hardened and ground split scoring rings are manufactured to a run-out tolerance of less than .002 inch, which produces the most consistent and well defined scores possible on any type or caliper of board - improving folding, reducing waste and increasing machine speeds.

Heavy duty Counter Ejector shock absorber

A shock absorber is used to reduce the slamming of the fingers out assembly in the Saturn Counter Ejector. Due to the high speed and cyclic nature of the finger mechanism, the original shock absorber frequently failed. The energy that should have been absorbed by the shock is then transmitted into all of the moving components in the Counter Ejector, causing not only excessive vibration but many premature part failures. This upgrade replaces the original shock assembly with a heavy duty device that is designed to handle all of the impact of the finger assembly mechanism, even at maximum machine speed. This new design greatly extends the wear life of all the moving counter ejector components, and allows machine speeds to be increased due to reduced vibration.

Sun Automation Group is the OEM supplier for all Langston corrugating machines and retrofit products. Sun owns all of the Langston intellectual property, and has several original Langston employees on staff. Sun is able to supply every OEM part, as well as improved parts and upgrades for your Langston equipment.

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