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4/13/2016 | News

SUN Automation Group® Digital Print Report

--New CorrStream digital printer set to disrupt the corrugated industry--

Sparks, MD(April 13th, 2016)— As a leading global provider of innovative equipment to the corrugated industry, SUN Automation Group® has a long legacy of delivering customer-centric solutions to meet varying demands. Its renowned feeding and material handling solutions have been a solid foundation for SUN’s print capabilities since many factors contribute to successful printing on corrugated. The demand for high-graphics and high-speed were tackled through several trusted SUN printing products: SunTrac® vacuum transfer, dwell units, harmonic digital registersColorMaster® single blade systemAccuPrint®chambered blade system, Spectrum® print units and PrintPrep® sheet cleaning. Whether provided as direct upgrades to existing machines or as an OEM product for machinery manufacturers, these products have been successfully implemented in box plants across the globe.

However, as new demands surfaced for quick, on-demand printing, SUN had to think outside the proverbial box. In its tireless pursuit of meeting market needs, SUN responded earlier this year with the introduction of CorrStream. The new digital printer provides single pass inkjet technology and endless print options set to disrupt the industry. Designed with the specific challenges of corrugated in mind, CorrStream is self-contained and production line ready to be installed on a factory floor. Furthermore, it is the first digital printer to bring conventional machine setup with continuous lead edge feeding, printing, and delivery to box converters. Now converters have a new revenue stream with the ability to work diverse markets and provide a new level of box making.  This is especially true in the developed economies now established with convenience stores, ecommerce and savvy consumers who need convincing at shelf 24/7.

Void of plates and make-readies, the printer significantly reduces the time and cost needed to produce a finished carton. By reducing setup time and achieving speeds that exceed traditional digital presses, CorrStream increases customer production uptime and opportunities for value. It further allows box plants to drastically lower costs on small print runs, providing previously unattainable profit on small jobs. While the on-demand market requires fast turnarounds, print quality is also paramount. Proprietary inks specially formulated for CorrStream ensures great detail and clarity. Users can precisely control tone, clarity, color and coverage to achieve quality and flexibility while minimizing ink costs. Its intuitive and modular design provides users both immediate, value-added results and the ability to retrofit new technologies for future growth.

In short, this technology provides all the solutions corrugated packaging converters require – high productivity at the right quality, color consistency, and print costs. CorrStream enables customers to focus on creating value, knowing the investment is backed by SUN’s proven reliability, service, and support. While still in the early stages of full scale production, it’s certain many will be watching to see the progress and discover how they may take advantage of a technology long overdue in box making.

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