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3/24/2015 | News

SUN Automation Marks Three Decades Of Developing High-Speed Solutions for Corrugated Manufacturing and Processing

With three decades experience of bringing innovative equipment solutions to the corrugated box industry, SUN Automation Group® will join SinoCorrugated 2015 to showcase its unique product solutions. First founded in 1985, today, the SUN Automation brand is renowned for spurring product development and bearing the highest level of manufacturing quality. The company aims to make a big splash at SinoCorrugated 2015, at Booth A10.

The machines to be featured will represent the very latest in cutting edge technologies. They are:

• The SUN Lead Edge Feeder. This feeder, the world’s leading supplier of lead edge feeding devices, continues to develop more precise, reliable, efficient, jam-free, quick set-up solutions for the corrugated world’s most complex applications.

• SUN Ink-Metering Systems. Offering two products tailored specifically for corrugated converters with high-graphics requirements. The AccuPrint® chambered doctor blade system along with the ColorMaster® precise single-blade system which ahs no end seals. SUN’s Guangzhou plant has begun production of the ColorMaster systems with criticalcomponentsprovided from the US. Models of each system will be showcased at SinoCorrugated 2015.

• The SunTrac® Vacuum Transfer. This is the world’s most precise print-to-print transfer system. The technology is also utilized in SUN Automation’s Dwell Units and PrintPrep® cleaning devices. It will be of particular interest to OEMs.

MicroGrind®. This unique anvil grinding and compensation system is quickly becoming the international standard for soft anvil die cutting. A graphic representation of this products functionality and effectiveness will play at our booth.

CorrStream®. The CorrStream series of digital printers are designed for the corrugated industry. By combining established inkjet technology with handling expertise, high output digital printing can now be effectively and efficiently achieved.

In 1985, SUN Automation started with limited resources and a strong desire to improve feeding for box plants. Its first product, Extend-O-Feed® Lead Edge Feeder revolutionized feeding with increased speed, reduced feed roll crush and jam-free operation. Serving equipment manufacturers (OEM customers) as well as direct end-users (box-makers), SUN Automation continued to innovate by developing solutions to many operational challenges. Today, more and more of the SUN Automations’ devices and solutions continue to be designed or modified for high speed printing on corrugated paper and board.

"Since its launch 30 years ago, SUN Automation has experienced continuous growth in all relevant metrics," said Ron Diedeman, SUN Automation President. "We’ve done that by consistently developing the highest-speed potential solutions on the market and producing top quality machines.”

SUN Automation’s 30-year anniversary celebrations will be accompanied by a number of highly effective technical seminars that will offer a great opportunity for visitors to experience the new technologies, first hand, and learn about how these solutions can best be applied to their individual businesses.

Come and meet the SUN Automation team at SinoCorrugated 2015 at Booth A10. We can’t wait for you to join us as we proudly demo our latest advances; including high-speed and heavy-duty applications, and celebrate with new and existing customers.


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