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12/10/2014 | Event

Digital Print for Packaging EU 2014

What seems certain is that digital, print-on-demand, label and package printing is meeting current cost cutting and lean manufacturing initiatives as well as creating opportunities for multi-language versions, increasing customization and targeted marketing, such as packaging for retail chains or for seasonal products. Having the capability to offer mass customized packaging, with text and images, gives brand managers a powerful tool for attracting new customers.

What are the benefits of digital printing for packaging?

  • Provides ways to add value and differentiate the brands
  • Enables brands to be quickly and easily refreshed and labels and packaging adapted quickly for seasonal promotions, special events or even different language versions
  • Using digital printing enables carton producers to better manage their brand customers − improving sell-through with targeted design, while lowering capital expenditure, time to market and obsolescence
  • Brand owners using digital printing for their packaging work gain the ability to affordably launch new products and improve visibility on the shelves
  • Digital press technology allows endless print possibilities that are simply not financially practical with litho or flexo
  • The speed of digital press technology means that 'sell it first then make and pack it' is fast becoming a new philosophy considered by brand owners and retail groups
  • Other advantages of digital package printing include lower set-up costs than those for flexo/offset and gravure, and a reduction in capital equipment cost

Sean Moloney - CorrStream Prod Mgr.
Sean Moloney
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