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8/20/2014 | News


Attractive, well-designed and innovative packaging adds to the customer appeal of health and beauty products by reflecting their opulence – a marketing advantage that can be further enhanced thanks to pioneering printing technology available to the corrugated industry.

Image is critical for personal care goods such as face creams, perfumes, fragrances and hairsprays. Protection, brand identification and differentiation are all key elements for packaging and exert a significant influence on purchasing power.

Now there is state-of-the-art, cost-effective digital printing equipment from SUN Automation Group® that allows corrugated to move away from traditional specifications for cosmetics. With CorrStream®, corrugated aligns more closely with opportunities for unique and customised packaging that engages consumers with eye-catching colours, seasonal and promotional strategies.

SUN Automation’s range of new digital printers – CorrStream 66, 40 and 20 – provide the corrugated packaging industry with unrivalled output, reduced operating costs, efficiency and outstanding print quality. This brings inkjet sophistication to mainstream applications as a real alternative to conventional analogue methods.

CorrStream brings an extra dimension to brand owners and retailers through the print on demand of high quality, colourful shelf ready packaging (SRP) in smaller batch runs. Without a minimum order requirement, state-of-the-art, cost-effective digital printing equipment helps corrugated to accommodate seasonal, regional or event-based promotions.

Customised campaigns by well-known cosmetics and toiletries brands using labels, and flexible and carton board packaging are increasing. With CorrStream it’s easy to commemorate special occasions, such as Mother’s Day or birthdays, on corrugated packaging.

Decorative, high impact corrugated packaging can be a vital branding and marketing tool enticing the customer to learn more while also protecting the product during rough handling. CorrStream’s CMYK digital printers allow graphics to press in hours instead of days with small or large production runs at speeds of up to 70m/min (4200 1m2 sheets per hour). Personalised graphics changes are now possible through data merge capabilities and mass customisation.

Demands from packaging buyers for short order run lengths, reduced stock, fast turnaround times and point of sale packaging are increasing. CorrStream is the first digital corrugated printer to offer reliability, output levels, and aqueous inks that meet box plant needs in a familiar way.

SUN Automation’s Global Product Manager for CorrStream, Sean Moloney, said: “This equipment brings corrugated in line with other packaging formats for the personal care industry – if the perfume label can be customised so can the outer box. Revamping packaging for beauty products has never been easier.”

Digital packaging is growing, due to its ability to provide high quality, variable graphics with short lead-times and lower stock costs. SUN Automation is reacting with increased flexibility and print options that attract consumers in the ever sophisticated cosmetics and toiletries marketplace.

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