Digital Corrugated

Digital Corrugated - a breakthrough in printing on corrugated materials

Almost seven years in the making the development of a reliable, robust and relevant printing technology is now available to the corrugated industry. SUN Automation® introduced their range of printers CorrStream® 66, 40 and 20 from the Demo Center in Bristol England, and are offering corrugated box makers and the converting sector unrivalled speed, reduced costs, efficiency and outstanding print quality, as well as bringing inkjet sophistication to mainstream applications as a real alternative to conventional analogue methods.

CorrStream® inkjet printing allows full color digital graphics from press to finished product in hours instead of days. Small or large production runs at speeds of up to 4500 sheets per hour*, personalization and graphic changes, data merge capabilities and mass customization.

• Aqueous ink, single pass digital production systems dedicated to the corrugated industry.

• Sheet/Hour speeds comparable to your existing Analogue equipment on three print width platform options 70m/min (4500 sheets/hour*) at over 80% uptime for increased output levels.

• Control colour, quality and ink cost with CorrStream® DCR technology.

• Ease pressure on you Analogue Presses at the lower batch.

Simple to operate, the three equipment option sizes provide High Quality Post Print (HQPP) levels of print quality at lower costs on the typical batch sizes now seen at many Plants. It’s only a matter of time for industrial inkjet to take hold in the graphics market on corrugated. This range of machines and their modular design will future-proof corrugated companies and help them to capitalize on their investment through new opportunities.

*based on nominal 1m2 of sheet

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