SunTrac Vacuum Transfer

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The SunTrac® vacuum transfer was invented in 1998. It was originally designed as a generic retrofit for many different model machines already in production to improve sheet transfer accuracy. It is now also a standard feature on the revolutionizing SUN625 rotary die cutter. As a retrofit it is the ultimate upgrade for a corrugated finishing machine to improve print-to-print registration.

Over the years SUN Automation has retrofitted a large number of different model machines with well over 1000 units in production.

This unique solution for transporting a corrugated board through a printing and cutting machine replaces a large number of mechanical items in an ordinary machine. By doing so the vacuum transfer system substantially reduces set-up times. The beauty of the unique transfer system is that the corrugated sheet is controlled throughout the process. The SunTrac vacuum extends from split line to split line and the full working width of the machine for continuous control of the sheet through the printing process. The sheet is gripped strongly by vacuum as soon as it exits the feed rolls and is not released until it is well into the die cut section.

The vacuum transfer technology allows for accurate color-to-color registration because it transfers the sheet precisely. Even warped sheets are held flat as they pass through the print stations so that registration is excellent. If the machine is also equipped with SUN Automation’s Digital Harmonic Registers with SunSet® Computer, the machine’s ability to print challenging graphics is significantly enhanced.

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