SunSet® 2.0 Computer Control System

A touch away

With SunSet® 2.0 Computer Control System the company again showed that it was listening to the customers. The control system didn’t only work as a retrofit primarily to the large number of Langston® machines in the market, but also for the new machines SUN Automation brought to the market.

SunSet is the state of the art computerized set-up control for a finishing machine. The touch-screen operator interface allows for easy and quick machine set-up by utilizing order storage to retrieve the parameters in which previous jobs were run. The control system is today an integral part of the new SUN625 RDC machine.

No keyboard entry is required with the high graphic operator interface. The precise setting of previous similar run jobs provides for quick set-up and all controlled axis are set in a few minutes. The set control will not lose its "Home" position even during a power failure and operators will no longer have to develop a "feel" for the settings. The help feature provides pictorial and video support when accessed.



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