SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter

SUN Automation Group®, has become known for its innovative culture and industry pioneering products. Until recently SUN Automation did not offer its own complete machine but with the encouragement of customers and a fresh idea regarding machine architecture, the SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter became the first complete machine in their equipment portfolio.

The SUN625 RDC is not a typical rotary die cutter. It is a fixed-frame, vertically opening, flexo printing machine capable of feeding, printing, and die cutting a 125-inch (3.18 meter) wide blank and designed to produce quality containers in a 24/7 production environment.

The machine features several of SUN Automation’s industry changing products that raise the benchmark for performance and quality. These include the patented Extend-O-Feed® lead edge feeder, ColorMaster single blade or AccuPrint® dual chambered ink systems, SunTrac® vacuum transfer, SunSet® control and MicroGrind® die cut accuracy control system. These proven products are weaved into the design of the fixed-frame vertically opening machine, which allows for a new setup quickly. The last good box of one order, to first good box of the next order is fast and easy thanks to this simplified architecture. The wide format platform and increased production speeds deliver record-breaking productivity. The die drum and print cylinders are accessible for ease of die mounting. The operator just walks into the machine and makes necessary changes without any of the traditional obstructions. The ability for the operators and maintenance team to keep the machine clean and healthy is greatly simplified.

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