MicroGrind® – Die Cut Accuracy Control System

In 1999 our research and development resources turned their attention to die cut accuracy and creasing quality on soft anvil rotary die cutting machines. The existing anvil trimming systems and speed compensation devices were not providing adequate performance for converters to take die cutting production to new levels of speed with improved quality.

The answer to this challenge brought an entirely new method of treating the anvil surface by grinding and automatically compensating anvil speed after the grind. This innovation was released to market in 2000 under the name MicroGrind®.

The heart of the solution was to use a full-width tungsten carbide grinding roll that automatically grinds the entire anvil smooth and true. This is done every 10,000 impressions. Suddenly anvils could be treated several times a shift while the machine was running (no downtime). With a precise anvil and exact surface speed, corrugated blanks are cut to a consistent dimension from run to run. The accuracy and quality of the box is enhanced because it is being die cut on a uniform cutting surface running at the exact speed to produce the desired cut length.

The MicroGrind die cut accuracy control system reduces the need for weekly rotation of anvil blankets as well, increasing machine uptime further and driving better efficiency. In recent years we’ve extended its application to include top anvil model machines and anvil dust collection. MicroGrind is a unique propriety innovation and quickly becoming the preferred system for converters all over the world.

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