Ink System - ColorMaster and AccuPrint®

SUN Automation® continued to develop new intriguing products over the years. The AccuPrint® Chambered Doctor Blades, a complete ink system for flexo printing that replaces wipe roll, single blade or old chambered blade system. 

The ink system is enclosed and available up to 220" (5.59 meter) wide and is well equipped with features such as: ink flow detector, anilox roll drive, ink surge suppressor and filter, soap dispenser, electronically paced pump, continuous air bladder loading and a chambered blade support beam.

For the customers it meant shorter wash up times, it saves ink and reduces maintenance as well as improves the print quality.

For the reader not in the corrugated printing industry the doctor blade can be explained as follows: The printing cylinder rotates in a trough of liquid ink. During this motion, the inks fill the cells of the printing cylinder and ink the image areas. However, the non-image areas also get inked as they are in relief. This excess ink is wiped clean by a blade called a doctor blade. The doctor blade is positioned at an angle over the cylinder so that when the cylinder rotates, the excess ink that was picked up by the non-image areas are wiped clean.

Another ink system produced by SUN Automation is the ColorMaster. ColorMaster is a reverse angled doctor blade assembly, which is PLC based inking system that significantly upgrades the wipe roll system. This system is engineered with a non-corrosive urethane cavity and an extruded aluminum support beam that will mount to an existing pivot frame assembly. ColorMaster is designed with a tool-less blade clamp that will dramatically reduce downtime for blade changes. This ink system is available up to 220" (5.59 meters) wide and is equipped with features such as: end dams, tool-less blade holders, air bladder that continuously loads pressure evenly on the UHMW blade and a stainless steel ink pan.



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