Extend-O-Feed - The machine that started it all

With a variety of lead edge feeders in the market in the 1980’s users were quick to praise them for their jam-free feeding advantages. However, these early lead edge feeders had some inherited problems of their own. Feed accuracy and feed skew were often an issue, premature wear of the friction element, continuous mechanical failures, and the need for crushing grip by the feed rolls in order to pull the bottom sheet from under the stack. Therefore, SUN Automation’s® engineers set out to develop a jam-free lead edge feeder with superior registration, durable to withstand the demands of a 24/7 production environment, and to reduce feed roll crush on the corrugated substrate allowing better box strength.

SUN Automation achieved those goals and more. With the development of Extend-O-Feed which includes a robust transmission device with a unique velocity profile. This allows for exact speed control of corrugated sheets and extended stroke feeding. The benefit of extended stroke feeding is that the SUN Automation feeder continues feeding the sheet beyond the feed roll nip point. The result is corrugator scores can be fed through the feed roll nip allowing for reduced crush. In addition, the transmission provides a hunting ratio to the feed wheels to ensure uniform wear and exceptional wheel life. The precision and efficiency of the vacuum wheel box allows for a variety of substrates to be fed consistently – even warped sheets.

This product has become the standard in which all other feeders are measured against. This proprietary technology has been integrated into 400+ different makes and model machines around the globe. We continue to develop new feeder technology for new applications

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