Innovation: Adapting Our Technology to Better Serve Our Customers

Our MicroGrind® Die Cut Accuracy System has delighted convertors worldwide since 2000. One of the most innovative products the corrugated industry has seen, our technology automatically grinds the anvil flat smooth every 10,000 impressions without operator intervention. This produces a smooth, uniform anvil surface for sharp scores and consistent blank size throughout the life of anvil covers.

For years, this innovative technology was only available for bottom anvil applications. The problem with adding MicroGrind on a top anvil machine was the dust generated from the grinding roll. With the anvil located above the board line, the dust would fall onto the clean boxes.

To any box maker; dust contaminating the boxes is completely unacceptable.

To give top anvil machines the same benefits as their lower counterparts, we developed a vacuum collection system that removes dust directly at the point where it is generated. However, we faced a challenge.

Our vacuum system blocked access to the anvil drum and grinding roll, areas that need regular maintenance and inspection.

To fix this, SUN Automation divided the vacuum system into two sections connected by a hinged joint


The two sections allowed the vacuum system to swing out of the away for maintenance, thus allowing convertors with top anvil applications to enjoy the benefits of MicroGrind, including:

  •        Labor savings
  •        Productivity gain
  •        Quality impact
  •        Reduction in wear on cutting dies

By adapting our technology, we were able to better serve our customers and provide a higher level of value to their box plants. The time saved by using MicroGrind goes back into production, ultimately increasing revenue. To learn more, check out our contact us page to speak to a regional manager.


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